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The Survivor series are the world’s smallest desalinators and are essential for any emergency kit. You don’t have to sacrifice safety because of space or weight constraints. The Survivor 06 and the Survivor 35 are used widely by the U.S. and international military groups, voyagers, and adventurers worldwide. These systems are durable and long-lasting so you will never be left without fresh water in an emergency.

We make rugged watermakers designed for the harsh marine environment. Each model runs independently of a generator; in fact, our units commonly run off standard marine batteries, solar panels, or wind generators. As a result, you minimize battery drain and recharging time. We have built these watermakers to last. Each one is tested to meet strict performance standards. They are compact and simple to operate, and you will easily find the best match for your water needs.

Spectra’s analog systems feature rugged mechanical controls and gauges, making them perfect for the hands-on yachtsman. The PowerSurvivor 40E features a simple on/off switch. The Ventura series and Cape Horn Extreme 330 also include an instrument panel containing a feed water pressure gauge and a product flow meter.

The MPC 5000 controller provides total automation with push button operation. Just set your watermakers run time and forget about it! When the run cycle is complete, the MPC 5000 fresh water flushes the system and then defaults to the automatic storage cycle, or add the Z±ION Membrane Protection System to extend storage for 30 days. The MPC 5000 displays all of your systems’ parameters such as pressure, product water quantity and quality, filter condition, and operation hours.

Compact and easy to install, the Farallon and Cabo series are constructed with super duplex stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance. These systems feature the revolutionary Pearson Pump™, which is engineered to maintain the proper pressure throughout a wide range of ocean temperatures and water conditions.

Spectra Watermakers designed the Aquifer Series to be light-weight, self-contained, and portable desalination systems. They come in a shock resistant and non-corrosive pelican case with a pull-out handle and sturdy wheels for transportation. Aquifers come with everything you need to start making fresh water from salty or brackish water right away.

Our stationary Landbased units are available in many configurations to suit your needs. The LB 400 and 800 are both simple analog and modular systems. The LB 1800, 2800, and 4000 series come in different configurations, modular (M) systems have separate components that allow for flexible installation and frame (F) systems are contained within a rugged 304 powder coated stainless steel frame. The LB 10,000 comes standard in the frame. Frame based systems have the option of adding the MPC 5000 remote controller.

While your Spectra Watermaker includes everything you need to start making water right away, we offer accessories that add versatility, extend the life of your watermaker, or inhibit biological growth in water tanks.

Our watermakers are built to last many years, but having spare parts is important for extended cruising, backup in remote areas, or storing your system for extended periods of time.

January 19, 2017
Disaster Response in Fiji: Fresh Water from a Desalination Barge after Cyclone Winston

Spectra Watermakers and NGO Sea Mercy provide clean, potable water via barge to isolated island communities.

March 25, 2017 – March 28, 2017