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LB 10,000

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The LB 10,000 is an analog desalination unit that is built using the patented Spectra Pearson Pump™ which allows for energy efficiencies comparable to large scale industrial desalination plants. The LB 10000 is a turnkey solution producing 420 gallons/hour (1,575 Liters/hour) of fresh potable water from fresh, brackish or seawater sources.  These units are available with an optional custom built pc board controller for fully automated operation.  The LB 10000 systems are completely integrated into a stainless steel frame and factory tested to rigid performance specification.

The Pearson Pump™ is a breakthrough in pump design, combining a high-pressure piston pump with built-in energy recovery. The energy normally wasted in the high-pressure brine stream is recovered, saving up to 75% of the power required for a standard reverse osmosis system. The Pearson Pump’s™ “hydraulically locked” recovery rate allowsthe system to produce the full rated volume of water from virtually any water source, without the user making any changes to the system. Standard systems require operator adjustments as the pressure changes, but our fixed recovery rate system eliminates the need for operator input and prevents membrane damage.

The LB 10,000 is contained within a rugged 304 powder coated stainless steel frame, pre-plumbed and tested with all components. With a wide variety of options, it is customizable to meet nearly any application.

All landbased systems require a low pressure feed pump (not included) based on your site specific requirements.  Depending on the quality of the feed water available on your site media filters may be also be required to allow the prefilters to last for a reasonable amount of time.

Quick Facts

  • Option of analog controls and gauges or automation with MPC 5000 control
  • Energy efficient-typically less than 3.5 killowatts to purify seawater
  • Includes feed pump
  • Soft start AC speed controls
  • Rugged powder-coated 304 stainless steel frame
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Fixed system recovery means easy operation and long service life


  • 420 gal (1575 l) every hour
  • 10,000 gal (37,854 l) a day
  • 1600 lbs (725.75 kg)
  • ≈3.5kw
  • LB-10000
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