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150 gallons (568 liters) per day
Worldwide use
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A Spectra watermaker designed and engineered for the smaller vessel. The Ventura 150 operates anywhere in the world, and the new Ventura 200T is for tropical water applications only. Both are energy efficient, light weight, and self-regulating.
200 gallons (750 liters) per day
Tropical use only
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The tropical version of the Ventura, Spectra’s smallest and easiest to operate watermaker. The Ventura series is easy to install and use, quiet, very energy efficient, and it delivers up to 8 gallons of fresh product water (30 liters) per hour.
336 gallons (1272 liters) per day
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The Cape Horn system is designed for the extreme conditions typically found on high speed racing yachts. The two diaphragm feed pumps cannot be damaged by feed water intake aeration or by running dry.
340 gallons (1287 liters) per day
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The Catalina 340 Z is affordable, light weight and compact with all the great features Spectra has become known for. The Catalina is easy to install, simple to use, quiet, very energy efficient.
400 gallons (1500 liters) per day
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The most technically advanced marine desalination system available today. Designed and engineered for maximum reliability, efficiency, and ease of service. The Newport 400 MKII is available in both 12V and 24V.
NEWPORT 700/1000 MK II
700: 700 gallons (2600 liters) per day
1000: 1000 gallons (3700 liters) per day
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Spectra Watermakers’ Newport 700 and 1000 MKII, like the proven 400 MKII, are the most technically advanced marine desalination systems available today.


FARALLON 1800/2800
1800: 1800 gallons (6814 liters) per day
2800: 2800 gallons (10,600 liters) per day
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Finally, Spectra Watermakers introduces a system designed for those yachts and commercial vessels that need more water. Using the revolutionary Spectra-Pearson Pump, these systems are the most efficient small scale desalination systems available on the market. Built with industrial grade materials, designed for continuous duty, and featuring the MPC 5000, these systems are rugged, easy to operate, extremely reliable.
CABO 10000
10,000 gallons (37,854 liters) per day
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For the megayacht and commercial vessel that need the ultimate in advanced desalination technology. The SP-20 Pearson Pump can desalinate water with amazingly little energy; as low a 8 KWH per 1000 gallons or 2KWH per 1000L. Each Cabo Series system is completely customizable. With a variety of options and equipment, Spectra will design a complete operating system to suit your specific needs.
200 gallons (750 liters) per day
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The Passport Watermaker system is designed as a rental unit for boaters making short cruises or offshore races. Similar to renting a life raft, you can now rent a watermaker!
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The MPC 5000 is the most advanced watermaker controller available on the market. Built with industrial grade sensors, flow meters and a purpose built PC board, it provides true one-touch operation. The MPC 5000 makes caring for your investment as simple as pressing a button!

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The Z-ION will eliminate odors and protect the filters and membranes from microbial growth for up to a month after each use.
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Bio-Guard is an easy to install anti-fouling system designed for marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It keeps your HVAC pipes, hoses and heat exchangers free of marine growth and barnacles.